​and it shall be given unto you…
-Luke 6:8a

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Online Giving with PayPal™

With online giving, you can add notes to designate your giving and even set up reoccurring payments. So, you’ll never forget to pay your tithes or support your Partners in Missions.

RIOT Recycles

Our youth recycles your CRV containers and gives all proceeds to support the Mercy Home Orphanage in Myanmar and Tuepelo Children's Mansion in Missouri. Bring your bag of CRV recyclables to any service at Anchor SD and drop it off in the RIOT Recycles bin by the front of the church or beside any outdoor trash can, and we will pick it up!

1 Can = 1 Bowl of Rice

The amount returned from one aluminum can's CRV pays for a bowl of rice in Myanmar.

Lighthouse of Hope

Giving to those in need is at the heart of Christ, and it’s at our heart, too. Donations to the Lighthouse of Hope go to families in our local community who need it most. To donate, simply bring your gently used clothes, furniture, appliances, etc. to Lighthouse of Hope on Sunday mornings before or after service.

Lighthouse of Hope

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