About Anchor SD

Who We Are

We are a New Testament, Pentecostal, Bible believing church that believes the miraculous power of God is still working in the Earth today. Jesus still saves, heals and blesses all who will come to Him in faith and obedience. We hope you will have the opportunity to visit us to experience one of our worship services, meet the wonderful people who make The Anchor Church their church home, and receive God's blessings in your personal life.

Our Mission

The Anchor exists to lift souls from the deep, chart the course, unite all hands on deck, and engage in devotion to the King as we navigate this ship to safe harbor.


Sunday AM

9:30am: LIFE Hour

Learning Is For Everyone, so take advantage of these Biblical-education classes united by age-group and lifestyle.

10:30am: Morning Service

Worship with Anchor Praise and experience life-changing sermons with the entire church in our largest service. If it's your first time, be sure to visit the hospitality suite after the service to meet the staff and receive a free gift bag!

Sunday PM

5:30pm: Evening Service

Sunday evenings at Anchor SD are power-packed services, often featuring evangelists, missionaries and ministers from around the world. We dedicate the last Sunday evening of each month as "Family Game Night". Simply put, there is no service. Instead, we encourage you spend the night having some fun with the family.


7:00pm: Mid-week Service

On Tuesday nights, everyone has a place to be. SHINE is an exciting learning environment for elementary school kids; RIOT Youth has collaboratives for middle and high school; and Hyphen encourages 18 to twenty-somethings with timely topics. Everyone else meets in the sanctuary for dynamic teaching from our diverse ministerial staff.

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